Welcome to the website of the Group Housing "Le Cammas Blanc"

 After two years of turbulence due to the previous unscrupulous management of our grouped housing, consciously, with love and skills, we took charge of it in a responsible and autonomous way. Through solidarity, sharing and communicating we managed to stabilize the situation in which we were involved.
We are a group of associates, owners of partnership shares of a SCIA (Civil society of Attribution) which bought the property of the Cammas Blanc in Alaigne in November 2013.
The DDE (Departmental Equipment Directorate) delivered two building permits in 2014 and 2015. These building permits entitle us to renovate and/or rebuild the existing buildings of the property to develop the 14 single-family housing planned (3 families are already living on site).
In addition, part of the property has a piece of land of 8000 M ² for farming. There is also an area of 1 ha which has been classified NL (Nature and Leisure) for ecotourism development.
Today, it is with great joy and enthusiasm that we introduce you to the Domaine du Cammas Blanc and its group; we are ready to welcome new members.
We hope that each one of you who will visit our site will find the answers and the expectations which led you to consult it.

We invite you to write to us via the form “contact ".
HAVE A GREAT VISIT and perhaps we will see you SOON.

Contact Information

SCIA Le Cammas Blanc
Le Cammas Blanc
F-11240 Alaigne