It is based on our common values and each person commits to respect them daily.

It pursues several lines :

  1. The human
  2. Ecology
  3. Operation and governance
  4. Inner activities
  5. Outer activities

 1 - the human

Our objective is to place the human being at the center of our lives by practicing daily our essential values :

Respecting ourselves and others : "nobody is right, each person has their own point of view". We honor each other for what we are and what we bring. We respect ourselves and respect others by our words, our choices, our actions and our rhythm. We are conscious of our emotions and assume full responsibility for them.


We favor mutual support, daily encounters and exchanges always respecting each person's privacy.

We make sure that the vital needs of each person are covered without taking charge of anyone.


We are open to others, by staying neutral, conscious that if we feel hurt and/or wounded, it belongs to us to adjust our feelings. We take care of our relationship to each other.


We support activities, and exchange of knowledge, by sharing them with respect leaving to each person the freedom to participate.


We develop our mutual trust by respecting the confidentiality of the exchanges. We practice the right word without slandering or making assumptions.

Tolerance and Complementarity

We welcome differences and support all forms of expression, and creativity, while respecting the need for solitude and privacy.

2- Ecology

It is based on the respect of nature, our environment, and all forms of life because we are conscious of its sacredness.  Concretely we commit :

  • To use nonpolluting natural products
  • To sort our waste and to compost it
  • To recycle as much as possible what we use
  • To preserve the ecosystem on site by planting trees, to protect all life species : plants, animals, minerals…
  • Optimizing our transportation by car-pooling as much as possible
  • To limit our consumption of water and other energies

3 - Operation and governance

We commit to engage in group management (maintenance of common areas, work, administrative management...) the level of involvement is left to the appreciation of each individual. The rules of procedure detail the practical organization.

Decisions are taken according to a form of consent. This point is further specified in the rules of procedure.

We plan a plenary session at regular intervals (monthly or more if needed) the organization of these meetings is detailed in the rules of procedure. These reunions will give us the opportunity to verify that each person feels well within our group.

To include or exclude applicants a specific protocol is annexed in the rules of procedure.

The charter could be revised according to the evolution of the group.

4 - inner activities

We will create activities where everyone is free to participate :

A vegetable garden, an orchard, a chicken coop, in order to achieve food autonomy

Workshops to transform our crops in winter : preserves, jams, drying herbs...

Recycling, sowing, : doing as much as we can to reduce our consumption

Sharing resources : workshop, tools, laundry, library...

Activities of Leisure and of self development : yoga, dance, laughing, walks, drawing, massage, music, cinema…

Celebrations, feasts, praying, meditations...always respecting the beliefs and practices of each individual, never imposing anything.

5 - Outer activities

We are integrated in the village and area where we live :

Participating in the activities of the village and the immediate surroundings; for instance : local currency

Open house to share our approach and the way we live

With the approval of all our residents, those that wish to create new activities open to everyone can

Wellness, personal development, wild plants, cooking,



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